My VSO Partners

After 6 months into my placement, the VSO partners that I will be supporting have been formalized and should keep my plate full for the second half of my placement.

General Welfare Pratisthan (GWP) – Gyaneswor

GWP is a non-profit developmental organization committed to making lasting positive changes in the lives of marginal populations. Since 1993 GWP has been devotedly working for social welfare in Nepal. Covering approximately 500,000 beneficiaries through multi-sectoral programming, GWP has an existence in 20 districts of the Capital, Central, and Mid & Far Western Regions of Nepal. They are my primary organization where I will spend 1-2 days per week at their central office and perhaps 2-3 non-consecutive weeks at their field and unit offices.

Current Projects:

  • Corporate Library Management Advisor
  • Organization web site development and maintenance
  • Email and chat communications
  • Training and related IT Learning support
  • IT Systems management support

Community Action Centre (CAC) – Jamal

Community Action Centre- Nepal (CAC-Nepal) is a Non-Government Organisation who works in the area of women and childrens rights, based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Coincidently, CAC already has a local volunteer with much more IT experience than I possess and a local IT technical support person in the private sector. I am not sure how I can contribute (aside from my charm and witty personality).

Current Projects:

  • Computer setup, maintenance and usage strategies
  • Local Area Network setup
  • Library and information management strategies and policy Development
  • Web site management strategies and content development

Bas-ji teaching the staff of CAC the insides of a computer.

Association of International NGOs in Nepal (AIN) – Sundhara

Taking over for another IT volunteer that has left, AIN is working with the Social Welfare Council in developing a database of Nepalese NGO’s working in Nepal. The contract with a local developer has been signed I will be providing strategic management advice during the development, testing, launch, and training on how to use the web-based application.

Prerana – Basundhara

Established in 2007, Prerana Nepal (Inspiration Nepal) is a pioneer organisation in Nepal for the upliftment of economically, socially, culturally and educationally marginalized and backwarded Janajati, Dalits Madhesi, Adibashi, women and other marginalized minorities groups. Prerana Nepal is an advocate organisation for the minority rights with focus on economic, educational, cultural and social rights. Prerana Nepal works at rights based approach and involve in direct action.

Current Projects:

  • Local Area Network setup and maintenance
  • Information Management Strategies

KYC-Punarjiwan Kendra (KYC) – Dharan

KYC-Punarjiwan Kendra is an autonomous non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization working in nine districts of the Eastern region, Kathmandu and Lalitpur. KYC envisions a society where people have the right and access to a healthy and dignified life working with PLWHAs and (I)DUs by advocating for their rights and providing treatment, care and support related to drugs and HIV&AIDS. KYC helps prevent drug use and spreading of HIV by educating the community, focusing on youths and adolescents. KYC also works with families within marginalized and disadvantaged groups by increasing their knowledge and practice about sexual and reproductive health.

Current Projects:

  • Initial site assessment will take place late August.
  • Providing strategic management advice regarding IT management and learning support

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) Nepal – Sanepa
Due to a global restructuring efforts at the UK office, the VSO Nepal office was affected as well (the lone IT person has left and the IT responsibilities are now shared among current staff or is outsourced).

Current Projects:

  • IT management transition support.
  • Identifying IT management gaps and devising sustainable solutions.

Nepal Global Campaign for EducationBabarmahal
The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is a civil society movement that aims to end the global education crisis.

Current Projects:

  • Supporting their the development of their IT infrastructure.
  • This is also Tlell’s partner organization

My main is objectives for all my partners is the following:

  • Provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to support and maintain their IT and IM related activities.
  • Connect them to learning opportunities and establish mutual partnerships relating to IT.
  • Essentially and ideally, work myself out of job where they will not need on a volunteer in the future.