Got to love those Nepali women

Today, GWP is hosting a HIV/AIDS orientation picnic at a local park where the general public, mostly women attend a fun-filled day of learning about HIV/AIDS in a relaxing outdoor environment. My male GWP counterparts have been raving about this day since I got here (and of course the nature setting wasn’t the main draw) and originally I was going to go. However, it is day 5 for me here in Hetauda and I’ve only scratched the surface in terms of the work that I needed to do (ie. planning, training, etc.). I declined the invitation last minute and stayed behind hoping to provide coaching to whoever was left in the office.

To my delight (and I wasn’t surprised), the women of GWP were willing and ready to spend the day learning about Microsoft Word, Excel, and how to do excessive custom animations in PowerPoint. From what I have seen so far, I really admire Nepali women’s dedication to learning.

To the GWP women who stayed behind: Pratima you are awesome and a work horse, you lasted many more hours on the computer than I did that day; Awdeeti, it’s too bad you live 2 hours away by bus from home and I know you wanted to stay longer; Nisha, slow down, you work faster than the computer can process.

It was another good but sweltering hot day.