Internet Access in Nepal

As human beings who often pine for some sort of contact from back home, Internet access is a must and I’m not ashamed to say, it was one of the FIRST priorities I had to address as soon as we moved into our place. It was fun trying to arrange this essential service in a different language, especially when trying to give directions to your place through a maze of houses, back alleys and dirt roads without the aid of any street names.

Below is a list of Internet Service Providers in Nepal that most of us are or have used in the past.

WorldLink – offers Cable Internet and a wide range of affordable plans (ie. 1000 nprs for 128kbps a month) along with their VOIP products but for me, it is a little sketchy the way the implement. Of the setups that I have seen to date, subscribers do not get an actual cable modem – the Ethernet cable line simply snakes in from a common box which I can imagine is a router. Weird. As of this post, colleagues have expressed down-town and whenever you get a limited access network notification on your LAN connection, you have to contact WorldLink to fix it.

Nepal Telecom Nepal (NTC) – offers ADSL Internet access for your home and USB wireless Internet access via SIM Card. A Dutch colleague of mine who has been living in Nepal for more than 25 years swears by it saying despite being Government owned and operated, it is always “on”, reliable, and cost-effective. The Pacific Guest House uses NTC and the speed has been decent.

Subisu Cable – The priciest of all the options but definitely worth it. Just like back home, you do get an actual cable modem and just like cable companies back home, it includes television cable. Obviously, I went with Subisu and have had excellent services to date.

United Telecom Limited (UTL) – aside from NTC, UTL has a great offer for USB Wireless Internet for 500 nrps per month (plus the cost of  the SIM card and set-up fee).

Check out the Internet Service Providers Association of Nepal web site for more options