Just Say “No” to Plastic Bags Nepal

Yesterday we visited Bhat-Bhateni Super Store and stumbled upon a brand new environmental initiative. Bhat-Bhateni is now encouraging shoppers to use re-usable plastic bags and is also selling re-usable branded bags. I quickly visited the Bhat-Bhateni web site and found their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) page which says: From mid June 2009, Bhat-Bhateni is promoting […]

Our Fruit Guy

Our fruit guy’s name is Tika (I think that’s his name) because he has a small scar in the middle of his forehead. Prices of fruit fluctuate dailys and most of the time he gives us a good deal. A kilo of mangoes (yes they are local and plentiful) goes for 70-80 rupees), a dozen […]

Stages of Cultural Adjustment

I was flipping through our photos and stumbled upon interesting shots of diagrams and charts that I took from our last days of ICT at CLP (early January). These charts visualize the “Stages of Cultural Adjustment” as well as the symptoms of what someone typically feels during each stage. The above diagram shows the following […]

Philippines Independence Day

June 12th was my first Philippines Independence Day outside Canada. My Filipino friends invited me to join a mini-celebration and flag raising ceremony at the Philippines Consulate in Sinamangal. I initially showed up at their house wearing shorts and a trekking shirt (big mistake) and shortly after, I was sent home to change into more […]

The half-year mark

Not sure where the time went, but last month marked our half-year in Nepal (May 14, 2009). Amazing. When I look back at my previous posts (especially the “Getting used to” post), I am often amazed about what I wrote (and didn’t publish). Most of the entries that reflect my time here are “spur of […]

Corporate Library Accomplished

My partner’s corporate library has finally been organized, with a little unexpected help from other office staff. Time will only tell if it will STAY organized. The 4-week process, which really in the end only needed 1 week to to do began with the weeding out of non-essential publications and reports during load-shedding (when there […]