Stop Climate Change – Let the Himalayas LIVE!

H.E. Ban Ki-moon
Secretary General
United Nations

I, a young citizen of this world, care about the impacts of climate change on our planet, the brunt of which will be borne by me and the fellow citizens of my generation. I reckon this to be a consequence of irresponsible behavior and unsustainable lifestyle in the developed world, of generations preceding ours who inhabited this earth.


I support the campaign “Climate for life” that highlights the plight of the Himalayas in the wake of climate Change. The Himalayas serve water and other ecological needs of more than a billion of culturally rich and diverse group of people and globally significant bio-diversity.

The people and the bio-diversity in the Himalayan region are already reeling under impacts of Global Warming. This is expected to get much worse in the times to come as global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are not expected to be reduced anytime soon. The world, therefore, must pay attention to the dangers being faced by this global heritage and its inhabitants, and come together to help the countries in the region to deal with it.

I appeal to you and other leaders of the world to ensure that COP-15 meeting at Copenhagen in December of 2009 takes tough and effective actions that would secure the interest of my generation. I appeal to all of you to take note of the plight of Himalayas in the wake of climate change, and take strong and concerted steps at this meeting that would address the situation on the ground getting out of hands, and thereby preventing disastrous impacts to the people and bio-diversity of this region.

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