A renewed sense of hope

For quite some time now I’ve been putting aside feelings of restless uncertainty and thoughts have been incessantly running around my head about  “why” I am here and whether or not I am really making a difference.

We are reminded by friends and fellow volunteers that the small battles that we endure every day in our work and the little things that we do to inspire the people that we meet are all that matter as they will inevitably create a ripple effect of progress in the long-term.

This is our mantra but sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated.

Instances of subtle frustrations has taken its toll and there were many days where I felt like throwing in the towel and going home.

And then last night, the “Wall of Friends and Family” was erected by Tlell.

At first glance, the visual reminder of friendly faces, loved ones, old high school buds, and our favourite places from home silently renewed our sense of hope and purpose. The smiles on our faces slowly formed as we reacquainted ourselves through the collage of images past.

Keeping in touch with friends and old colleagues via chat, Skype, Facebook, and email is undoubtedly better. However, it only happens in spurts, when time zones and schedules match, and of course whenever there is power.

Along with each other, the Wall is our constant and a visual reminder of not only who is thinking about us but also what is waiting for us when we eventually come home.

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