Development & Aid doing more harm?

This has been an interesting topic lately, one that has hit home for both of us and is making us take a long hard look at how development & aid agencies are working. [youtube] Below are some related articles from the Globe and Mail… ‘We’re not idiots. We’re adults. We can run our own […]

Favourite Useable Bag Photos

I thought I would share how we are using reusable bags here in Nepal, since my favourite Canadian environmental organization decided that my photos were not suitable for their reusable bag mosaic. No, I’m not bitter (maybe I am little), but nonetheless I thought I would share my photos and tell our Canadian story anyways […]

The Gathering of Volunteers

Last week we kicked off a 2 week break from our daily work schedule with the annual VSO Volunteer Conference. This year, the conference was held at the swanky historic Shanker Hotel located just the down the road from our place. Considering that it is ironic that large amounts of donor money was spent to […]

A renewed sense of hope

For quite some time now I’ve been putting aside feelings of restless uncertainty and thoughts have been incessantly running around my head about  “why” I am here and whether or not I am really making a difference. We are reminded by friends and fellow volunteers that the small battles that we endure every day in […]

Fighting Viruses in Nepal

For those who intend to bring their notebook computers to Nepal or plan to use a computer in and around cyber cafes, make sure that the computer that you are using has an up-to-date Anti-Virus software installed. Back at home, yeah, yeah, protect yourself from viruses blah, blah and it really wasn’t a problem because ant-virus protection is the norm (I get the occasional one or two viruses a year). Let’s just say that here in Nepal, computer virus/worm infections is a large-scale epidemic here and it is nothing like I have ever seen before.

UN Small and Field Libraries

I just stumbled upon the UN Library Network and their Technical Assistance Programme for Small and Field Libraries. There is also a neat “For Starters” section for Guidelines on Library Management. GOLD! Other sites that I stumbled upon: Free & Open Source Software Portal Creation of digital libraries In CD-Rom using WINISIS and GENISISCD Adult […]

These are the people in my neighbourhood

in my neighbourhood, in my Nepali NEIGHBOURHOOD, oh! Our sano pasal (little store) mainly operated by two sisters Benita and Sunita. We get the majority of our basic food items such as milk and vegetables (supporting the little stores). They are always laughing whenever I see them, mainly because I entertain them with a new […]