I Promise

I have either been promising or indicating that I will “help” or “try” to a lot lately, to almost every Nepali person that I have met so far. I get a range of requests such as wanting to learn more or practice speaking English with me, editing assistance with their CV’s and job applications, advice […]

General Welfare Pratisthan

General Welfare Pratisthan (GWP) is a local NGO whose vision is to work for creating a healthy, well-cultured, empowered society free of economic disparities in Nepal. The Mission of GWP is to actively work towards creating an organized, self-reliant society, free of social and economic disparities. The Goals of GWP are to: improve the existing […]

Earth Hour in Nepal

Regardless if it was not by choice, we’ll definitely be celebrating Earth Hour in Nepal. As we are currently experiencing Earth 16 hours on a daily basis and with the limited power and Internet access that I have, I always try to log onto the web to see what my fellow Canadians are planning to […]

New Volunteers Arrive

Last week, the March 2009 cycle of new volunteers arrived in Nepal. This time were no Canadians unfortunately but a record of 4 volunteers from Africa (2 from Uganda and 2 from Kenya) and then 1 from the Philippines, 1 from Ireland, and the rest from the U.K. The 12 fresh, eager, and ready-to-go volunteers […]

Holi Purnima – watch out!

In two days we will experience our first Holi festival in Nepal and we are holding our breaths with “mixed” anticipation. Holi Purnima is one of the most exciting festivals of Nepal and is closely related to the water festivals of Thailand and Myanmar and takes place on the full-moon day in the month of […]