Looking Back

After many, many attempts via slow computer networks and even dial-up Internet accoess (yes, Internet dial-up using 28.8 kbps is still a reality here), I have successfully uploaded a 25-minute video of our time here in Nepal during VSO’s in-country-training program. In this video (hosted by Vimeo) you will find photos and video footage of […]

Finally, Our Dhera

Aside from posting a back log of blog posts, current posts have been rare these days since we have mainly been focusing our efforts on finding a dhera to live in. Dhera’s are residential places for rent here in Nepal. Last weekend, after days of searching and looking at several dhera’s in the greater Kathmandu […]

Support Update

As we have mentioned before, we have been fundraising on behalf of CUSO-VSO Canada in order to help offset the costs of supporting us and our work while overseas. As of this post (and to our surprise), we have reached our fundraising goal and beyond with $4525 (and donations are still coming in!). From the […]

The First Week

We just completed our first week of work. In-country-training ended for us last week us and while the out-of-valley volunteers shipped out to their placements this week, most of the Kathmandu valley volunteers started work already, including me. Working an 8 hour day again after a 2 month hiatus took some time to get used […]