SolarFocus Solarsupra Solar Charger

I so want this. Just think about all the possibilities!

Gear notes from

“This portable solar power solution is designed to power laptops, camp lights, satellite phones, GPS devices, cameras, and almost any other portable electronic device. It makes carrying extra batteries unnecessary and it will charge even under cloudy or rainy skies, making it fine for all-season use. It’s compatible with most devices when you use a car cigarette lighter adaptor.”

  • Three hours of solar charge will power a laptop for one hour.
  • When fully charged it provides two hours of laptop power.
  • System power is 50-watt; solar power is a maximum of 13.44-watt, with maximum output of 8-volt, 1.68 amps.
  • USB output is 5-volt, 1 amp.
  • Includes an auxiliary 3000 MaH lithium battery.
  • Has 16 triple-junction solar panels.
  • 12V DC adaptor.
  • Includes AC charger for battery.
  • Includes cell phone adaptors.
  • Dimensions are when 23 x 15 x 10cm folded; 101 x 49 x 46cm when unfolded.
At the time of this post, the price was a whopping $590 CDN.