A 20-minute update

I have 20 minutes left at a local Internet cafe before I hit the 15 ruppee mark. Here is a quick update: We have resettled at our new language and cultural training centre (Chetena Kendra) in Banepa. Nice town, I would live here if I lived in Nepal. Easy access to Kathmandu, cleaner air and […]

7 days later in Kathmandu

Yesterday marked the end of our first week in Kathmandu. I think the “honeymoon” stage is officially over and reality is starting to kick in. Nepali winter has finally grasped it’s hold throughout the valley and everyday we are accustomed to layering ourselves with clothing that not only accommodates the various temperatures throughout the day […]

Mero naam Rex ho

Today we had our first official Nepali language class. I was actually really eager to start our lessons as it was getting a bit frustrating not knowing how to have basic conversations with the locals. We have found so far that most Nepali people speak at least some basic English (more so of course in […]

Day 2 in Nepal

It’s officially Day 2. It has only been 2 days and I have already endured a mammoth proportion of new experiences that I think my head is going to explode. Everything is fine of course but when the you notice and adapt to the little things that you take for granted back home, they tend to add […]

Hitting the ground running

As soon as we arrived at Kathmandu International Airport, we had to fill out two forms before clearing immigration (a landing card and a visa application). For now, we had to get tourist visa ($40 USD) while the VSO Nepal program office processes our official volunteer working visas.  Note: Internet is really slow and the computer […]

Rex and Tlell, welcome to Nepal…

WE ARE TEAM NUMBER 1!!!!! ….followed by our fellow accompanying VSO volunteers: 2 are from Holland, 2 from the Philippines, 1 American, 2 British, 2 Indians, another Canadian and 1 Ugandan. The airport was nuts as there were literally hundreds of eager volunteers offering their assistance to help you with your bags and such. We had […]

In transit

We survived the 9 hour flight from Vancouver and had an 8 hour layover at London’s Heathrow International Airport. We debated about seeing London during that time and once we arrived we found that it is quite doable as the new Heathrow Express/Connect train to Paddington station runs every 15 minutes. However, we were both completely […]

Disconnecting Rex

I am not sure why, but it sort of feels good to be disconnected from my current norm of living in Canada. Maybe it is because I can see how connected I am with our socio-economic society…. or better yet how much money was slowly being draining from my bank account. Either way, it’s liberating. […]