HP Pavilion tx2500 Entertainment Notebook PC

I’m keeping my eye on this one.

It’s light, compact, well designed, and seemingly durable considering it is built as a tablet-touch-screen notebook (so lots of touchy, touchy).

HP Pavilion tx2500 Entertainment Notebook PC

The tx2500 has everything you are looking for – all wrapped in an attractive, sleek package.

Featuring a 12.1 inch diagonal widescreen high-definition touchscreen display and a built-in digitiser for handwriting with a battery-less rechargeable eraser pen, you can use the tx2500 as a notebook PC or a handwriting tablet.

AMD dual core processors and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 graphics provide the speed you need when you are on the move.

With three operational modes – PC mode for notebook computing, display mode for watching TV or movies and tablet mode for handwriting or gaming, the tx2500 is truly versatile.

Weighing-in at just under two kilograms, the tx2500 is wrapped in a stunning new Echo HP Imprint design, a circular pattern that reverberates with energy as each ring spreads and connects with the others.