People of the “Web” – automobile style

A satirical look at the following types of people involved in creating web sites – using the automobile as an analogy.

The Designer
People who can take a blank canvas and essentially create an eye-catching, user-interface friendly piece of art in 60 minutes. They design the look and feel of the automobile and sometimes lets their creativity overtake common sense usability.

The Programmer
Programmers speak the code and understand why the code came to be. They design the parts and main engine of the automobile from scratch and eventually build the automobile prototype.

The Developer
Not a true designer, but able to decorate. Not a true programmer, but is comfortable to piece things together and dabble in code – thus somewhere in between. They are the web equivalent of the automobile mechanic and can “supe-up” any automobile with the latest NOx add-ons and widgets.

The Server guys
All these guys care about is maintaining the garage. They manage the web and database servers, uphold the firewalls, network administrate, and makes sure that the organization has the perfect IT sandbox for the designers, programmers, and developers to play in.

The Evangelist / Support
A catch-all yet interesting term that I have seen used to label people who act as the inspirational automobile sales and marketing person. They also “test-drive” web sites for customers and make great driving instructors as well. They can usually handle their own when it comes to basic coding and are really good at talking the walk but not really walking the walk when it comes to all things “techie” (clean-up on the code on your own web sites already and don’t give me that shoemaker’s children have no shoes crap…).

The Book keeper
They cook-the-books. TBD

The Manager-head hancho CEO / President
The focal leader, head-hancho of the group above, usually spawned from the Evangelist realm. They can really “talk” and make a sale (they can probably convert a vegan to become a meat-eater if challendged). Most often they speal out technology buzz words and products they barely know about while the developers and programmers shake their heads.

The Groupie
Usually car aficionados (usually bloggers that are friends with the people above) supporting the activities and products of their colleagues or members of their community in the blogosphere (in hopes to get reciprocate love-links back).

Version 2.1