Preparing For Change: The Final Day

Our final day at PFC was an enjoyable one. Not only did we get the chance to reflect on what we have learned and experienced, but we also had an unstructured day to chat, share stories, and talk about the potential places that we could be going to. Some random personal notes:

  • VSO Moodle Environment; VSO on Facebook and SecondLife?!?!
  • Loved the visual learning approaches and activities.
  • Learned more about myself, why I am really going and what it means to be a volunteer.
  • 9 people (the fellowship) have all come together for one single goal (our new peer group)
  • Multi, multi-faceted issues.

We also finally got to meet our Volunteer Program Adviser in person. Catherine has been great in answering all of our questions, working hard in trying to find us solid placements, and also trying to not get our hopes up too high during her search…

As we ended our day, exchanged email addresses with our new found peers (added each other on Facebook), and parted ways, we could not help but feel “ready” to go…ready both mentally and emotionally.

Up next: SKWID (Skills for Working in Development).