Preparing For Change: Day 2

What did we get ourselves into?

Highlights from our first full day….

Leaving and Saying Goodbye – got to teach dad how to use email; constant phone calls, got to start blogging more and keep in touch on what I have been doing; Overcoming Loneliness – get a hobby or play a sport, Culture I – The Cultural Lens Model; Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions; Aspects of Human Behaviour; Influences on Behaviour and Culture; Ups & Downs of adapting to culture and being overseas (like a rollercoaster hi’s & low’s; the “Braquila” party; Power – types of Power, Empowerment; Cycles of Disadvantage (Unmet Basic Needs, Powerlessness, Social Exclusion; Relationships – (not a problem there).

Areas of work at VSO
Areas of work at VSO – Developmental Goals
PFC Mentors