Northern Voice 2008

Northern VoiceNorthern Voice 2008 is back and I am looking forward to it. I highly recommend people from the environmental and library communities to attend this event. It is great to see, hear, and learn how other people are using social technologies to help enhance their initiatives. I learned a lot from this conference when I attended last year and applied some of the tools and tricks learned (Google Co-op, Yahoo Pipes, MyBlogLog, using Flickr more, I’m now having an affair with WordPress now….) into most of my projects.

I must say, the organizers and the participants of these events are amazing and contagiously enthusiastic.

Northern Voice is a two-day, non-profit personal blogging and social media conference that’s being held at the Forestry Sciences Centre, 2424 Main Mall, UBC main campus, Vancouver, Canada on February 22-23, 2008. This is the 4th annual incarnation of this event, see the 2005, 2006 and 2007 websites for previous information.

Visit the web site to register now…